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be nice, have fun!
JenKat: I used to be one of the mods over here. Sorry it has become so inactive. It was fun back in the day when we had a more active community over here. May 5, 2019 23:55:17 GMT
JenKat: Hi =^-^= May 5, 2019 23:53:06 GMT
holly10012: hi May 1, 2019 13:52:41 GMT
JenKat: If anyone is interested, there is an FB anthro group that is somewhat active, Animalia, which is run by Silvana Luna Apr 29, 2019 21:36:19 GMT *
JenKat: Such a pitty the forum died, it was great whilst it lasted. I know for Razzy & I life happened & we needed to move on with other things. Forums in general are going the way of Yahoo Groups in favour of Facebook these days, though, I guess. Apr 29, 2019 21:31:11 GMT *
april: I think it's pretty dead here. I haven't got a notice about a new post until just today... Mar 7, 2019 5:40:45 GMT
Evelina: Hello! I've found this forum visiting Den of Angels. Don't see much post here this year, how is this forum doing? Aug 19, 2017 18:27:57 GMT
JenKat: Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone ⃛♡ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ ) Feb 14, 2016 23:31:17 GMT
JenKat: °˖✧ HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2016! ✧˖° Jan 20, 2016 21:07:19 GMT
JenKat: ~ Seasons Greetings everyone! ~ Dec 12, 2015 20:52:03 GMT
JenKat: Hello everyone =^-^= Back after a bit of a needed personal absence but slowly getting back to my doll hobby side of things at the moment. Hope everyone's doing well. Lots of love xoxoxo Jul 14, 2015 21:14:36 GMT
Deleted: Happy Holidays everyone & best wishes for the upcoming New Year! Dec 29, 2014 22:10:06 GMT
Razzy: Happy Holidays, everyone! Dec 24, 2014 19:30:54 GMT
Razzy: Hi everyone! I've made the default theme our holiday layout, but you may need to go into your settings to change it. Go to profile - edit profile - settings - and there should be a theme selector. Click Holiday Extravaganza for seasonal cheer! Nov 11, 2014 23:45:10 GMT
Razzy: I made a small change to the layout so that all links should appear bold now, making them easier to distinguish! Sept 25, 2014 14:08:47 GMT
Razzy: Hey all! I'm sorry about my absence lately. Nursing school/parenthood has been keeping me crazy busy, but I'm gradually working myself back into the hobby! Sept 25, 2014 14:03:09 GMT
Deleted: I have just put up pages now for the 2nd Sewing & Crafting Challenge theme for August 16th-October 16th - Fairy Kei & Pastel 80s HAPPY MAKING EVERYONE! :) Aug 15, 2014 22:00:55 GMT *
Deleted: The sewing & crafting challenge poll is now officially closed. Jun 13, 2014 23:03:06 GMT
Deleted: Just 2 hours left for the Sewing & Crafting Challenge Theme poll now. I will be closing it after 12pm GMT. Jun 13, 2014 21:12:07 GMT
moonchild1987: wow loving the new theme for the site May 31, 2014 19:56:28 GMT
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